Seatgeek and Jujamcyn Theaters bring new ticketing system to Broadway in multi-year partnership

Jujamcyn Theaters and SeatGeek today announced a marquee multi-year partnership that will bring the next generation of ticketing technology to Broadway. Attendees at Jujamcyn’s five theaters will enjoy a streamlined ticket-buying experience for some of Broadway’s top shows.

 SeatGeek’s technology will deliver numerous benefits to Jujamcyn theatergoers and show partners alike. SeatGeek’s ticketing platform runs off a modern tech stack that allows for a bespoke theater ticketing solution. Jujamcyn Theaters patrons will enjoy a reimagined experience that will allow them to easily browse shows, compare listings through SeatGeek’s proprietary Deal Score™ technology, and find a ticket within their exact specifications. Once they have purchased, patrons will have customized best-in-class mobile tickets for each particular show, allowing guests to order concessions, purchase an upgraded experience, or read more details about the show directly from their ticket. With its industry-leading data and analytics tooling, SeatGeek makes it easy for Jujamcyn and its shows to understand demand for tickets in real time, allowing for event management across hundreds of performances.

 Jujamcyn Theaters houses some of the most exciting shows on Broadway, including Tony Award-winning musicals Hadestown and The Book of Mormon, as well as current Tony Award nominee for Best Musical, Moulin Rouge! The Musical. In total, Jujamcyn owns and operates five iconic Broadway houses: the St. James Theatre, the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, the August Wilson Theatre, the Eugene O’Neill Theatre and the Walter Kerr Theatre.

 Jujamcyn and SeatGeek share a number of strong philosophical bonds, starting with an unwavering emphasis on the customer experience. Jujamcyn has continuously looked for ways to reimagine the Broadway theatergoing experience, including partnering with famed restauranteur and leading hospitality expert Danny Meyer’s consultancy, HQ, on a companywide program to dramatically enhance every aspect of the customer journey.

 In addition, both Jujamcyn and SeatGeek are united in their mission to move the industry forward, which includes looking for innovative ways to bring live events to an ever-wider audience base.

 Jordan Roth, President and Owner of Jujamcyn Theaters, said, “As our industry looks to emerge from this period of prolonged darkness, we are all deeply focused on safely bringing our community back to work and our audiences back to the particular kind of joy that only the live theater can deliver. For us, this means leaving no tool unused and no innovation untested in our never-ending mission to enrich the theatergoing experience from start to finish. It’s very gratifying to find in SeatGeek a partner as committed as we are to taking exceptional care of our patrons and show partners alike.”

 While Broadway has been dark since March 2020, bringing patrons back safely was a priority for Jujamcyn when selecting its ticketing provider. Jujamcyn will tap a number of the features and services provided by SeatGeek Adapt, an innovative suite of tools that SeatGeek quickly developed during the Covid pandemic that has already helped other SeatGeek clients, like the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Cavaliers, safely welcome thousands of fans back to their venues.

 “During our first meeting with SeatGeek, they shared their founding story and it stuck with me,” Hal Goldberg, Jujamcyn COO, added. “They started as technologists looking to make an ordinary event, like buying a ticket, into an extraordinary one. We love and share their unyielding commitment to continuous improvement and creative problem-solving. We are thrilled to welcome them to Broadway.”

 “As we have spent more and more time with the Jujamcyn team we have learned just how much they care about innovation and are delighted to work with them to bring the next generation of technology to Broadway,” said Danielle du Toit, President of SeatGeek Enterprise. “SeatGeek’s mission is to help people experience more live, and there is no better place to do that than through the millions of people that visit Broadway theaters each year. We couldn’t imagine better partners than the Jujamcyn team to bring our shared vision to life.”

 The partnership between Jujamcyn and SeatGeek is SeatGeek’s first on Broadway, but Jujamcyn joins a growing list of SeatGeek clients across many verticals. In the theater space, SeatGeek already has a strong presence in London’s West End, providing the ticketing platform for LW Theatres. Since SeatGeek expanded its presence in primary ticketing about five years ago, it has become the leading ticketer of the EPL and MLS, added five partners across the NFL and NBA, and has ticketed hundreds of concerts, family events and more through its venue partnerships. The partnership also gives SeatGeek its first New York-based client, a milestone for the New York City headquartered company that was started 11 years ago.

“While most of SeatGeek’s current US based clients are in the sports space, we’ve long been a leading ticketer in London’s West End. We’re excited to bring SeatGeek’s patron-first ticketing to attendees as Broadway reopens,” said SeatGeek Co-Founder Russ D’Souza. “I can’t wait to hop on the subway and head a few stops uptown to take in a show alongside our new partners.”