Save Lyn Gardner’s Top Tickets and 150 blogs a year dedicated to U.K. Theatre 

Lyn Gardner

Lyn Gardner

You may have seen this morning the terrible news that Lyn Gardner’s incredible and important blogs (150+ a year) dedicated to theatre have been cut from April 1 by the powers that be at The Guardian. What. A. Fiasco.
Here are two things we can all do right now:
Editor-in-chief, Guardian News and Media
 Email below >>
 Dear Kath and Liese,
The absence of this important blog will have implications on regional & touring Theatre. This blog stimulates positive conversation & its absence will have a detrimental effect on provincial work.

Lyn’s ‘What To See’ or Theatre Tips have become a staple for audiences all over the country. The Guardian Stage must reinstate this and understand the aspects of this weekly blog that are of lasting value.

 All best,
 [your name, obvs]
 (BUT, I reckon would require hundreds of emails to get it changed. Do it now.)
 Use the hashtag >> #SaveLynsBlog
 We can all show individual support by subscribing or donating to The Guardian (whatever the amount). We can also suggest to the editor that it would be useful to be able contribute specifically to sections, such as the arts, currently suffering the most cutbacks in terms of coverage.
UPDATE  ( on 15 Mar 2017)
The wonderful folk at Exeunt have started an online petition. Well done all!
You can sign here >> https://t.co/2fhDWwQgc3
Let’s do our best to reverse this appalling and frankly idiotic decision, folks. It’s worth a shot!
Carl -x- 🙂