“Pose” superstar Jason Rodriguez forms Arraygency – new talent agency representing Bipoc, Queer & Trans Creatives

Ricardo Sebastian and Jason Rodriguez by Santiago Felipe for RRR Creative.jpg

Jason Rodriguez, the unequivocal new face of voguing, and 2021 Hollywood Critics Association TV Award nominee for “Pose,” along with Ricardo Sebastián, Rodriguez’s longtime manager turned business partner, announced today the formation of their new talent agency, Arraygency, with the singular mission of bringing BIPOC, Queer and Trans people to the forefront of all creative industries. 

As a new agency, the duo is placing an important and specific spotlight on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to better meet the needs of BIPOC, Queer and Trans creatives in the entertainment industry and ensure equal access to opportunities for all.

In a joint statement, Rodriguez and Sebastián said, “As BIPOC Queer creatives and business owners we knew we had a unique opportunity to create a specialized – and much needed – service for members of our community. We have a deep, and personal, understanding of their talents and voices and it is our hope to bring these people center stage and allow them to shine as bright as possible.” 

Arraygency will be based in New York City and is now accepting submissions for representation.

JASON RODRIGUEZ is the unequivocal face of voguing for an entirely new generation of dancers and dance enthusiasts. He starred for three seasons as Lemar in Ryan Murphy’s Emmy and Golden Globe Award-nominated television series “POSE,” where he also shared his expertise with the cast as Movement Coach and Choreographer. Born and raised in Washington Heights NYC, Jason’s name has become synonymous with the art form of voguing. Jason’s masterful embodiment of the art form has been noted by countless dance critics and journalists, including The New York Times’ Gia Kourlas, who described how his “radiating limbs transform his torso into a solid stretch of sinew and muscle, making him at once tense, velvety, and effortless.” Jason has taught Vogue across the U.S. and the world and currently teaches at various schools and institutions throughout New York City. In addition to “POSE,” Jason has been seen on Baz Lurhmann’s “The Get Down” on Netflix, “Saturday Church,” and on HBO’s “The Deuce.” 

RICARDO SEBASTIÁN is a longtime small business owner and community organizer who recently came out as nonbinary. They have dedicated their career to supporting creatives and nonprofit organizations across the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Paris, London and Australia. Past clients include Gage John Lazare, Mamma Cuisine, Julius LaCour, Diego Montoya and Habitat for Humanity New York City. Ricardo began managing Jason Rodriguez in 2019 and is taking this next step to spotlight the importance of BIPOC, Queer and Trans representation in all spaces.