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The Ugly One at Park Theatre – Cast Interview – Indra Ové: “I’ve enjoyed getting older. Age has never worried me. Live in the moment!”

Indra Ové in rehearsals for Buckland Theatre Company’s The Ugly One at Park90. Credit Helen Maybanks

Indra Ové in rehearsals for Buckland Theatre Company’s The Ugly One at Park90. Credit Helen Maybanks

Their PR asked if I’d like to have a chat with the cast of Buckland Theatre Company’s The Ugly One and I said ‘yes please, can I ask them all the same question?’ and before they had a chance to say no I did just that.
During the course of what follows you will hear various cast members talking about various things. Specifically: getting older, The Ugly One (obviously) and more.
‘FYI’ The Ugly One is a scalpel sharp comedy on beauty, identity and getting ahead in life. You will also bear witness to a question about Trump and Brexit’s impact on arts and culture. Oh and it runs at the Park Theatre until 24 June.
Anyway, here is what Indra had to say for herself.

Do you think everyone does have body confidence issues? Some people seem to have none at all, do they just not realise it?
Yes I think most Women in the West have body confidence issues. We’re made to. I think its part of a beauty conspiracy. Created by the press, by cosmetics firms and the drug industry. If people don’t have it they are very lucky. Men suffer much, much less than women. Though the pressure is effecting them too now.

Is it quite fun working at Park Theatre?
Yes enormous fun. It’s a great theatre and space. And I’m local so it’s pure joy for me!

What drew you to auditioning for The Ugly One?

The script!! I loved it from my first read. I love the way it’s written and I love the subject. It’s so important. And I really enjoy the mixture of tragedy and comedy. And the dynamic change of characters. I love my three Fannys. It’s great to go from playing someone my own age into someone aged 73! And I wanted the opportunity to work with Roy. We’d met a lot in the past year and I was keen to work with him. And since the Park has opened I’ve wanted to work here!!

Getting older is quite fun isn’t it: do you need time to pass so that you can look back with wisdom?
Yes I’ve enjoyed getting older. Age has never worried me. Experience and wisdom is a great and liberating thing. Live in the moment!

What can audiences expect from The Ugly One 10 years on since it was last seen?

A fascinating reflection of what’s happening in Western society today that I think is even more significant, relevant now than 10 years ago.


How have the performances been going? Is it fun performing in an intimate space such as Park 90?

Performances have been great. Especially as we’ve had packed houses, and such responsive audiences. It’s great working in such an intimate space and being so up close and personal with the audience.

Can you describe your director (Roy) in 3 words?
Funny Brave Playful & Creative

Last question – easy one – Do any of you share the view that some take that Brexit and Trump are good for arts and culture?
No Brexit and Trump are incredibly dangerous for the arts!!