Write and Review Circus Performance Workshop for aspiring young critics

Enjoy a very hands-on workshop session with Kate Kavanagh who produces the critically aclaimed Circus Diaries.

She will explore considerations that should be applied, when reviewing a piece of circus.

Le Cirque du Platzak

Le Cirque du Platzak

The workshop will nudge participants beyond their existing preconceptions of circus, and explore how we can produce meaningful responses to circus-based work that go beyond the ‘wow’ reaction and delve into the craft behind the spectacle.
The workshop will start at 1pm on Sunday 18th September, at Gillingham School, followed by an opportunity to put the learning straight into practise with a performance of Le Cirque Du Platzak in Gillingham, part of the Inside Out Dorset Festival at 2:30pm

The workshop is open to 18-25yr olds

If interested, please email mrcarlwoodward@gmail.com and you will be sent further information