Zoom Theatre Quiz featuring West End Producer – Friday at 8.30pm

My Zoom Theatre Quiz is a cross between a fraught free-for-all in a pub and a tongue in cheek theatre education.

Actually, somewhere in all the boozing, shouting and chatting, theatre is often at its best and most exciting when it takes you by surprise –

Joining us this week is Theatreland’s anonymous cult figure West End Producer.

West End Producer

West End Producer

Anyway, this quiz was established as a light-hearted antidote to the more serious Zoom quizzes out there – a group of people who have applied through the website rattle through a fun series of questions.

If you would like to join this week then email me everything that you think I need to know about yourself, as well as 3 reasons why i should pick you.


Application deadline is Thursday 14 May at 6.00pm and spaces are limited. If you’re selected to be play i’ll be in touch.


— There is a prize

– You need to be over 18, or literally 18.

– Please do not bring any animals unless this has been explicitly requested.

– Due to the likelihood of contestant duties inducing strong feelings of euphoria I do not recommend participating on an empty stomach.