UK Theatre and The Audience Agency join forces to provide the next generation of theatre sales reporting

UK Theatre has commissioned The Audience Agency to provide a new and enhanced sales reporting service through Audience Finder, the largest database of ticketed cultural engagement of its kind.

UK Theatre’s new service, provided by The Audience Agency, will auto-collect UK Theatre members’ sales data from over 200 auditoria across the UK through Audience Finder, generating more accurate reporting and ultimately painting a far richer portrait of theatre and the performing arts sales across the UK.

The reporting service will welcome UK Theatre members into the Audience Finder community, joining over 800 arts organisations already contributing to the overall picture and the thousands more benefiting from state-of-the-art insights into who their audiences are and who they could be. Through this collaboration The Audience Agency and UK Theatre can work to develop real data-driven insights about the resilience of theatre and the performing arts in the UK and the needs of their audiences in practical and applicable ways, for the benefit of our whole community.

Audience Finder ticketing data is powered by Arts Engines technology, jointly developed by Baker Richards and JCA.

Anne Torregianni, The Audience Agency’s CEO said:  “We are delighted to be able to provide the ease and efficiency of data collection and analysis to UK Theatre members that will help them to focus their energies more than ever on their audiences. Moreover, we look forward to working together to harness the power of data in improving reach, resilience and relevance across the arts and culture sector.”

Cassie Chadderton, Head of UK Theatre said: “This exciting new partnership between UK Theatre and the Audience Agency will enable us to report with increased accuracy on the contribution of theatre and the performing arts to the UK’s creative industries. The insight gained through Audience Finder will help UK Theatre further demonstrate the vital importance of theatre and the performing arts to the national economy and cultural life in the UK and we are excited to see the results.”