EULOGY-DARKFIELD present new shipping container show on The Southbank 6-17 October – as part of the BFI London Film Festival

Darkfield presents EULOGY

DARKFIELD – producers of innovative immersive experiences at the forefront of technology and theatre since 2016 – are pleased to announce their return to live in-person work, with new shipping container show EULOGY. Launching as part of the Immersive Art and XR programme at BFI London Film Festival 2021 on the South Bank, next to the National Theatre, from 6 – 17 October, with a press performance on 7 October.  EULOGY will then move to Nottingham Lakeside for a residency 20 – 31 October. EULOGY was funded by Digital Catapult after DARKFIELD was selected to be part of their Creative XR programme in 2020.

EULOGY is a communal experience lasting 30 minutes, that uses binaural sound and speech recognition technology to immerse each audience member into a dreamlike, labyrinthine hotel that is imagined in the darkness. Audience members are transported through rooms and down corridors, into a car park, a canteen and a lift which transports them between floors, taking them deeper into the dream. EULOGY is both an intense and exhilarating ride and a deeper exploration of the relative merits of an embodied human conscious experience versus one that only exists in the imagination.

At check-in we will issue you a key card and allocate you a chaperone to guide you to the other side of the dream.
Follow the right path and don’t volunteer to become the subject of the eulogy every guest is preparing to deliver.

Alongside partners around the world, DARKFIELD presents work in the UK, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and Mexico and have so far reached over 250,000 audience members worldwide and counting. SEANCE, FLIGHT and COMA, the previous DARKFIELD location-based experiences sited in shipping containers, originally premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and have since toured the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.

EULOGY forms part of the BFI London Film Festival 2021’s Expanded category – which showcases the best of immersive art and XR, with innovative work from artists and creators who are boldly exploring the intersection of art, film and expanded reality.

DARKFIELD are pleased to be returning to Nottingham Lakeside with EULOGY, after a sell out run of FLIGHT in February 2021, and as part of a long term relationship to bring more of DARKFIELD’s work to Nottingham. Nottingham Lakeside have supported in the creation of Eulogy, providing DARKFIELD with the opportunity to preview and test the work on audiences prior to it’s premiere.

Artistic Directors Glen Neath and David Rosenberg explain, “We’re thrilled with the reception we received for Darkfield Radio during the lockdown but we can’t wait to get back inside a container and turn all the lights out. We’re very excited to be opening the show at such a prestigious festival and look forward to continuing to build our relationship with the Lakeside in Nottingham who have been brilliant supporters.”

Audiences can still discover and enjoy Seasons One and Two of the DARKFIELD RADIO digital audio experiences: KNOT, a three-part immersive audio experience unfolding in three different locations, which premiered at the prestigious TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City in June 2021, and then ran as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Summerhall and at the Venice International Film Festival.  Audiences are also able to re-experience the shows from the first Darkfield Radio Season: DOUBLEVISITORS and ETERNAL, with tickets on sale now.

The DARKFIELD RADIO app is an innovative form of entertainment directly responding to the new age we are living in, immersing audiences in strange and curious worlds in their own home and bringing new meaning to the familiar spaces we inhabit. The first season of shows launched between July – November 2020 to critical acclaim, featuring in major film festivals such as Venice International Film Festival, IDFA and Raindance Film Festival, and winning Columbia’s Digital Storytelling Lab’s Breakthrough Award in recognition of the year’s most innovative narrative.  The Darkfield Radio App is powered by Wiretapper, and Season Two is supported by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

DARKFIELD Radio transmits Season One and Season Two every Saturday and Sunday. Please see the website for full details.


Experienced through the DARKFIELD RADIO app available for android and iPhone.