I went along to Leicester Square to see some of the acts from La Soirée and this is what happened

Having arrived at the Christmas in Leicester Square tent for the photo call ‘event’ I proceeded to sit behind a gaggle of smartly-dressed photographers in the tent in question. A tent, by the way, labelled ‘Spiegeltent’. Interesting fact: a Spiegeltent is a large travelling tent constructed out of wood and canvas, decorated with mirrors and stained glass, originally built in Belgium during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Daredevil Chicken

Daredevil Chicken, Click the image to book your tickets for La Soirée

Brace yourself for some unique and irresistible performances in La Soirée, in a new home on the Christmas in Leicester Square site. The Olivier award-winning cabaret returns to London for its seventh season in the capital until 8 January 2017. This is a snapshot of a frenetically kaleidoscopic spectacle.

The Daredevil Chickens, hailing from Las Vegas, have charmed crowds in over 36 countries; they basically fuse slapstick and 80’s pop melodrama with matrimonial mischief. So, I ask one half of Daredevil Chickens, Jonathan Taylor why audiences should come and see La Soiree?  He says: “Escapism. I know this whole Brexit thing sounds like a bit of a kerfuffle. I think this type of entertainment is good, not to put your head in the sand, but to celebrate the holidays together.” He laughs, “We’re very happy to spend Christmas here with you in London.”

Satya Bella

Satya Bella © Brinkhoff Moegenburg. Click the image to book you tickets for La Soirée

I am introduced to Satya Bella. Having undergone training with the Beijing Acrobatic School, Satya combines a unique display of super-cool hoops, flexibility and high-skilled multi-hooping to put on an unforgettable display. She tells me enthusiastically: “The preview audiences have been awesome,” she smiles, “I saw La Soiree when it was called La Clique in 2008 and fell in love with the show. Come and see us, there’s something for everybody… I actually watch the show every night because it makes me happy and I never get tired of it.”

La Soirée has seen over 75 artists take their place on the iconic stage in over 25 cities, across five continents, with over 150 acts between them. That’s some numbers! Audiences and critics alike have been wowed by La Soirée’s ever-expanding, fabulously dysfunctional family since the company first played together in Edinburgh back in 2004. Over 5.5 million people have now seen La Soirée perform across the globe.

Captain Frodo

Captain Frodo © Brinkhoff Moegenburg. Click the image to book your tickets for La Soirée

Finally, I am afforded the privilege of meeting Captain Frodo. The son of a famous Norse magician, Frodo has graced the stage since he was four. He explains the reason La Soirée has got everyone talking: “This is a show that genuinely moves people; not just emotionally. It’s also more unique than any cabaret that I’ve ever worked with.” He pauses “La Soiree is at such a high level and we have a fantastic collection of world class performers here.” He ends on a contemplative note; whether he’ll keep the part of his act involving his nose and a table spoon. One thing is for sure you will never look at a tennis racquet, much less a baked-bean tin can, the same way again.

Cheers La Soiree! Thanks for the memories.

La Soirée runs from 11 November 2016 until 8 January 2017