Transform announces Future Radicals, a major new project for young people in Leeds



 Leeds based Transform, creators of international theatre festivals and an engine-room for new theatre, announce a major new project.
·         FUTURE RADICALS is for young people aged 16-21 in Leeds, who want to explore their creativity and say something about the world. 
·         This brand new collective will collaborate with ground-breaking international artists and create bold performance led by their ideas, creativity and world views. 
·         The process will culminate in a young people’s led micro-festival as part of Transform 19.
·         FUTURE RADICALS is part of Transform’s mission to develop the next generation of artists and producers and collaborate with people across the city.

Transform has launched a citywide call out to find the next generation of artists and change makers. FUTURE RADICALS is a major new programme for young people aged 16-21 in Leeds, who want to explore their creativity and say something about the world. The twenty-strong collective will be introduced to some of the world’s most inspiring artists and will create bold performance led by their creativity, ideas and world views.

This co-created project will see diverse young people across the city curate their own micro-festival for major international festival TRANSFORM 19. The project is for young people who might not have ever stepped into a theatre before or ever considered that the arts is for them. No qualifications or prior experience are needed, just curiosity and desire to say something about the world now.

Grounded in young leadership and activism, FUTURE RADICALS has been inspired by recent young people’s led movements across the globe, such as the March for Our Lives movement in America and Sao Paulo’s High School occupations of 2015. FUTURE RADICALS is designed to give young people a say and allow them to define the rules.

Transform has secured funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Explore and Test fund to develop this ambitious project, and from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council. FUTURE RADICALS brings together partners committed to supporting the next generation, including the MAP Charity, supporting young people struggling to access mainstream education, and the Cultural Institute at University of Leeds.

Transform’s Creative Director, Amy Letman, says:

“Transform is committed to boundary pushing artists with important perspectives on the world we live in now. Future Radicals is our response to the current climate and to our passionate belief that young people of all backgrounds and walks of life should have access to the arts on their own terms. Through this project we are exploring how young people can play a fundamental role in our festivals, and be inspired to have a voice and to create. We are thrilled to have secured support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Leeds City Council, and to be working with a rich variety of partners who, like us, are all committed to supporting the next generation. We firmly believe Future Radicals is going to bring together incredible and important creative voices in Leeds and can’t wait to recruit the young people who will shape and drive it. ”

Transform is recruiting until September 10 for young people to be part of Future Radicals: