‘The Drill’: Breach theatre bring anti-terror play to New Diorama Theatre

The Drill

The Drill

  • New devised show exploring political anxieties and emergency preparedness.
  • Sell-out show from company behind Tank & The Beanfield
  • 15 – 26 May at New Diorama Theatre London, 7.35pm

 Breach – the award-winning company behind Tank and The Beanfield – return to New Diorama Theatre in May with sell-out show The Drill.

Breach have previously explored using performance to re-enact the past – from a 1985 clash between riot police and New Age travellers in The Beanfield, to a 1960s experiment into teaching dolphins English in Tank.

The company return to New Diorama in May with The Drill, taking a theatrical look at safety drills and emergency response training – rehearsals for the future, if you will.

The Drill follows the lives of three individuals living in an undisclosed city overcome by their everyday anxieties – from the potential for a Grindr hook up to go horribly wrong to frets of drifting into marriage, motherhood and materialism.

Mashing up documentary film and these devised narratives, The Drill examines what today’s disaster education says about our anxieties around security and terrorism. From workshops in workplaces to large-scale scenarios using actors, fake wounds and explosives, what kinds of futures are we being encouraged to imagine and prepare for – and how do these ‘rehearsals’ bleed into our off-stage lives?

★★★★ ‘(Breach) get your mind whirring at full speed…Bit by bit, The Drill bores into your brain.’ WhatsOnStage

‘one of the smartest young companies around’ – The Guardian

The Drill is co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, The Bike Shed Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, New Diorama Theatre and HOME, and supported by Arts Council England.