Nottingham Playhouse creates digital production on Brexit

A NEW digital production, inspired by the challenges and uncertainty over Brexit, has been created by Nottingham Playhouse’s recently appointed creative associate Ben Norris.

Produced by the award-winning theatre, the new film-poem named Sovereignty captures Brexit issues and frustrations faced by the nation, from the writer’s point of view.

The piece, which was shaped as part of Nottingham Playhouse’s remit for supporting new writing and creative work, was written and performed by local playwright, poet and actor Ben, who started his career at Nottingham Playhouse’s youth theatre, and is now a two-time national poetry slam champion.

Ben said: “My issue is both with the mess we’re currently in, and how we ended up here in the first place. But I wanted to write something that took aim not at anyone who voted a certain way, on either side of the leave-remain divide, but rather the individuals and institutions responsible.

“Domestic policy making has had to essentially halt for the last two years to make room for the giant octopus that is Brexit; we are hemorrhaging money in order to try and make a fantasy a reality, all the while being told it’s in the national interest.

“Those who ask serious questions of Brexit are often accused of being unpatriotic. Yet I find that deeply insulting. I love this country, and that’s why I don’t want to see it run into the ground.”

Fraser Youngson, digital producer at Nottingham Playhouse, worked with Ben to help bring the idea to life and was responsible for the production and direction of the piece.

Fraser said: “It’s been great working in partnership with Ben on such a timely piece of work. Nottingham Playhouse has allowed us the opportunity to produce a substantial piece of work to help spark a conversation about the state of our country and I’m looking forward to seeing the general public’s response.

“I’m really excited to work on more thought-provoking digital productions and to continue working with Nottingham Playhouse’s exceptional talent on a daily basis.”

Adam Penford, artistic director at Nottingham Playhouse, said: “Nottingham Playhouse is delighted with the work we commissioned from Ben and Fraser. They both felt passionately about generating a response to the current political situation and a digital poem felt like an immediate art form which could reach a wide audience.

“Their collaboration has produced a dynamic poem that is bold, witty and engaging. We hope viewers will find it entertaining and thought-provoking, whatever their political standpoint.”

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