Lyn Gardner joins Stagedoor – #Lynsnextstep

Lyn Gardner

Lyn Gardner

Throughout her career, Lyn has pushed the boundaries of theatre journalism and built a reputation as a champion of new and diverse voices. In an important next step, she joins Stagedoor to write exclusive content with a focus on everything that’s cutting-edge in theatre.

The first app of its kind, Stagedoor was founded to bring more people to the theatre by making information more accessible than ever, and in doing so promote the full breadth of theatrical talent. The app uses new technology to cover a wider range of theatre than is possible in conventional media, while bringing together reviews from critics and audience members across London, making it the most comprehensive and democratic theatre guide available.

As Stagedoor already has all the biggest theatre openings covered, this new editorial platform is designed to give Lyn the freedom to cover the theatre she wants, and to shine a light on exciting theatre that does not always get covered in the mainstream media.

Lyn’s dedicated section on the Stagedoor app, which will be updated every week, will include show-specific recommendations as well as long-form thematic journalism, responding to the latest trends and topical dialogues. It will also give readers the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by helping them discover new theatre makers, who they can then follow on the Stagedoor app.

This innovative app creates personalised recommendations for each user based on their favourite genres, theatres and individual artists, as well as what their fast-growing community of theatre lovers are excited about. By blending clever technology with expert recommendations, and empowering audiences to engage with each other, Stagedoor is designed to connect people with the perfect show for them.

New technology has revolutionised the way we interact with arts and entertainment. Spotify increased the amount of music people listen to and connected millions of people with music they would otherwise never have heard. Stagedoor is doing the same for theatre.

Michael Hadjijoseph, Co-founder and CEO of Stagedoor comments, Lyn has always sought to cover a broad and diverse range of artists. It’s this dedication, and the ability to spot the most exciting and innovative artists, that has made her the UK’s most trusted critic – and the perfect fit for Stagedoor. We are thrilled that she has chosen to make our app the new home of her criticism. By working together, we will keep pushing the boundaries of theatre journalism by combining the latest technology with expert recommendations.

Lyn Gardner comments, I’m hugely excited to be joining Stagedoor and starting an entirely new chapter in my professional career. I thought long and hard about how and where I might continue to review theatre, and I had several tempting offers. But I see the future as digital, and Stagedoor’s enthusiasm for theatre — from the tiniest fringe venue to the biggest West End house — matches my own. I hope we will spur each other on to ensure that audiences have access to the most exciting and innovative theatre which London has on offer.

Stagedoor’s ultimate goal is to bring more people to the theatre. The app has even more exciting plans for the future and Lyn joining the team heralds the start of a new era. Every member of the Stagedoor team helps shape the app, and Lyn’s voice will help guide the next stage of Stagedoor’s growth to ensure that it becomes a force for good, for audiences and theatre makers alike. Stagedoor welcomes Lyn Gardner!

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Stagedoor was founded to revolutionise how people discover and connect with theatre. It is the first app of its kind. It brings together discovery, social engagement and seamless booking, from the West End to the Fringe. Stagedoor creates personalised recommendations for each user  based on the genres, theatres and individual artists they like, as well as what their friends are excited about. Stagedoor is already home to a community of 28,000 theatre-lovers who use it to share their experiences with friends and other theatre-lovers.

With over 1,000 current or upcoming London shows on the app, Stagedoor is the most comprehensive and innovative guide to theatre in London.

Lyn Gardner

Lyn Gardner was a founder member of City Limits and wrote about theatre for the Guardian for 23 years. She is currently associate editor at the Stage and at Digital Theatre Plus. She is also the author of 13 novels for children.