Leeds Based Manic Chord Theatre set to release genre-blending online story exploring consciousness and dementia



This is Yesterday is an online storytelling project exploring consciousness and dementia.

Sophie moves back home after twenty seven years of living away. Back in her childhood surrounding, her past begins to leak out of every corner and through every wall; she remembers sneaking from her bed, sitting at the top of the stairs and listening to her mother practice the piano.

Meanwhile Isabelle returns to Paris for the first time since leaving as a child. She is there to perform. A piano sits centre stage, black and polished.

Neither Isabelle nor Sophie seem able to escape the impending truth as the past starts to trickle into the present.

Released in February on www.thisisyesterday.co.uk. Bringing together original music, moving image and written narrative we invite the user to slow down for a minute and engage with our story.

The project has been created through an exciting cross discipline collaboration between Manic Chord Theatre, Lame Studio, Skape Collective, Luke Terry and Dr. Dan Blackburn. After signing up the user will be able to follow the four part story on the website. The story will be told through text (both written and read), visuals and music inspired by Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 48, No. 1 in C minor, reimagined by Bradford based composer Luke Terry.

Sam Berrill, Artistic Director of Manic Chord Theatre and writer of This is Yesterday has said: “We have been developing this story for a number of years and it is a subject really close to our hearts. Dementia and Alzheimers has become a common part of so many of ours everyday lives and we invite the user to take a moment to slow down, meditate with our story and perhaps reflect on their own experiences with the disease”.

Amy Dunhill, Creative Director of Lame Studio who are Art Directors on the project added: “We have been thrilled to collaborate on such an exciting project with a range of artists and researchers. This is Yesterday has allowed us to create a new online space for us to tell a story which can be experienced in the piece of ones own home or on the go.”

This is Yesterday will be released in February 2019 and will be live on the website for the next year inviting users to comment and contribute their own experiences.