Kandinsky’s acclaimed medical drama Still Ill returns to New Diorama Theatre – 16-27 January

  •  A story about psychosomatic illness and Functional Neurological Disorder told with the help of real sufferers and experts
  • Supported by the legendary Complicite, for whom Kandinsky founder James Yeatman works as an Associate Director

Kandinsky will bring their acclaimed production Still Ill – which tackles the contentious topic of psychosomatic illness and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) – back to New Diorama Theatre in 2018 by popular demand for 10 performances only.

Like many young actors, Sophie earns extra money by playing a ‘patient’ for medical students to practise on. But as her career begins to take off and she gets the job of a lifetime in a TV medical drama, her body begins to betray her. This time, the symptoms are all too real.

Inspired by extensive research with FND sufferers and medical professionals, Still Ill employs testimony from experts on this surprisingly common, little-understood condition, to create a vivid, visceral and darkly comic exploration of how and why people suffer debilitating symptoms with no known medical cause.

“deeply sophisticated, sensitive stuff, with a strong Charlie Kaufman flavour and an aftertaste of Tim Crouch”★★★★ Time Out

 “such a smart and thoughtful piece of theatre-making from bright young company”

Lyn Gardner

 “a layered, stripped-back, 100-minute drama rife with humour, symbolism, and intelligent use of technology”★★★★ The Stage

Functional Neurological Disorder is a condition in which patients experience neurological symptoms such as weakness, movement disorders, sensory symptoms and blackouts, but with no discernible organic cause in their brain or nervous system. It is a controversial topic in the medical world due to the lack of certainty and competing theories surrounding its causes and best courses of treatment.

In order to create Still Ill, Kandinsky have employed the help of those living with the condition, support group FND Hope and medical experts such as Dr Timothy Nicholson from King’s Institute of Psychiatry.

Still Ill will be supported by visual storytelling giants Complicite – for whom James Yeatman works as an associate director.

Kandinsky was founded in 2005 by James Yeatman and Al Smith, with previous works including the SundayTimes Playwriting Award-winning exploration of our hubristic suburban ignorance of nuclear war, Enola; ambitious, Carol Tambor Award-nominated double-bill The Bird and The Bee; and the raucous murder-mystery-comedy-thriller Dog Show, which followed victims of a serial dog killer. Dog Show ran at New Diorama Theatre last autumn, winning the Peter Brook Festival Award and the OffWestEnd Award for Best Ensemble.


STILL ILL – Kandinsky                                       16-27 January (Tue-Sat) – 19:30


£15.00; £12.00 Concessions

New Diorama Theatre

15-16 Triton Street

Regent’s Place

London NW1 3BF


For the best tickets, book online at www.newdiorama.com

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