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 Edinburgh Festivals Diary – Day 2 

Friday 18 August


I started the day at the Pleasance for The Scotsman’s Fringe First awards – a ceremony recognising outstanding new writing premiered at the Fringe.

The winners are announced each Friday morning. The last time I was in this particular venue, somebody stripped to a thong and sang ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Anyway, there was plenty of coffee and thankfully the crowd (journo/media types) remained clothed for the duration.

The second group of 2017 winners are as follow:


How To Act 


A Super Happy Story (About Being Super Sad)

The Shape of Pain



(Congratulations to all the winners!)

Rendered Retina / HTWAH

My first show of the day was ‘Form’ by Rendered Retina Theatre Company at 10 Dome. Rendered Retina is made up of the extremely talented Tom Mangan, Alex Mangan & Jordan Choi. As well as the show being wonderful on its own merits, ‘Form’ was good and the crowd reacted quite positively to it, ie they were engaged and laughed in the right places.

Having known the lads for several years, it was exactly how I’d expect it to be: a polished performance, attention to detail, all ‘on point’. Rendered Retina were recipients of the LET Award 2017 and selected to receive a performance slot at the Pleasance, a cash injection of £1000 plus industry mentoring from Les Enfants Terribles. Well done, boys!

I spent the afternoon at my rather nice hotel, mostly hydrating and arranged to meet a friend.

‘Why are you watching that?’, said Lyn Gardner.

‘Aaaaghh!’ I cried, wrestling the tickets out of my pocket. She laughed.

We compared schedules and had a cup of tea.

Later I got chatting to a friendly lady called Annette. We talked about shows and I shared my schedule concerns.

‘Be ruthless’, she said.

‘How so?’, I asked.

‘Your time is limited here — if you have a bad feeling or word of mouth about a show – don’t go. Time is too precious.’

‘Right you are’, I said.

Perhaps this is news to you, but How To Win Against History’ is back at the Fringe. Unfortunately for them and their PR, all their attempts at creating a buzz –  the giant colourful posters, Oberon Books publishing its first musical score, social media blitzing etc – have been generally ignored, which is a shame.

I am of course employing sarcasm for ironic effect because this show is all everyone’s talking about. This musical about a cross-dressing Marquess is certainly at home at Assembly George Square Gardens.

How To Win Against History is astouding and Seiriol Davies is a genius.

Note: I went to bed early with a Moroccan Mint Green Tea with Rose. Bleak.