David Leddy’s 2017 hit show CORIOLANUS VANISHES  is re-staged in Edinburgh, this time performed by a woman

Coriolanus Vanishes

Coriolanus Vanishes

Coriolanus Vanishes is a tense, suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller, written by renowned theatre-maker and Artistic Director of Fire Exit, David Leddy, who performed the piece in 2017, marking his return to the stage for the first time in twelve years. This time the same solo work is performed, word-for-word, by a woman, Irene Allan.  Contrasting bold theatricality, haunting music and razor-sharp slashes of light across a stark stage, the work charts Chris’s complex descent through passion, shame, devastation and the many, many forms of madness.

David Leddy said of the re-staging:

 I wrote this role knowing I’d be the first person to perform it, but also knowing from the start that later on I would recast Chris as a woman. As I wrote the piece, I always imagined Irene Allan being that woman, so I’m thrilled that she said yes to taking on such a demanding role. I was very strict with myself while I wrote the script that I would not change a single word when played by a woman. I wanted to write a character who talks about very gendered ideas (parenthood, fidelity, empathy, aggression) but for that person to theoretically be genderless. This character is in a messy, horrible, agonizing world of their own that’s far beyond the conventions of how women and men have been socialised to behave. Even so, it’s interesting that our observations about their behaviour will likely change depending on whether they’re played by a woman or a man.”

 Previous successes from Fire Exit include: The Last Bordello (2017), International Waters (2016), Long Live The Little Knife, (2013) Sub Rosa (2009 – Herald Angel Award) White Tea (2009 – Scotsman Fringe First Award, Herald Angel Award, Edinburgh International Festival Fringe Prize), Susurrus (2007 – Winner, Outstanding Special Event, San Diego Critics Circle Awards).

 Fire Exit Presents, in co-production with Tron Theatre:


 Written by David Leddy
Performed by Irene Allan

Design realised by Becky Minto

Sound design by Danny Krass

Lighting design by Nich Smith


3 – 26 AUGUST 2017