Award-winning actor Sheila Atim takes Shakespeare from stage to screen

Sheila Atim (Viola)

Sheila Atim (Viola)

2018 Olivier Award winner Sheila Atim follows Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe with the Bard’s shipwrecked twins, Viola and Sebastian, in a new screen adaptation of Twelfth Night.

Adapted & directed by Adam Smethurst, with Welsh actor Rakie Ayola (No Offence/C4, Been So Long/Netflix and Harry Potter and The Cursed Child/West End) as Executive Producer, Twelfth Night is available on Amazon Prime and iTunes from Thursday 25 October 2018.

 This is a modern, full text version of Shakespeare’s tale of unrequited love, featuring Zackary Momoh (Seven Seconds/Netflix) as Antonio and Dominic Coleman (Upstart Crow/BBC) as Sir Andrew Aguecheek among its talented cast.

Twelfth Night is the first feature from Shanty Productions; a new independent film production company committed to producing exceptional drama for diverse, multicultural audiences – creating worlds they recognise and characters they can relate to on accessible platforms for today’s digital natives.

Commenting on the driving force behind Shanty Productions, Co-Founder Rakie Ayola said, “It is essentially the realisation that Adam and I could put our money where our mouths are, channel our skills and produce the kind of work we want to see. Work that combines our love of Shakespeare with our need to represent the world as we see it – as we’d like our daughters and their contemporaries to see it.”

On his decision to start with an adaptation of Twelfth Night, Adam Smethurst explained, “With the widespread rise of anti-immigrant populism and governments actively encouraging a hostile environment for refugees, telling the story of the outsider surviving in an alien world on her wit, charm and ingenuity became and remains compellingly urgent.”

Lead actor Sheila Atim added, “We’re not trying to dumb Shakespeare down; we’re not trying to make it what it isn’t so people can digest it. We’re staying absolutely true to what it is. We’re just bringing it forward to a time when people may feel like they can connect with it more.”