Andy Smith and Fuel’s Summit at Shoreditch Town Hall



‘We need to use our imagination. We need to imagine that change might be possible. That change is possible, however hard or impossible it might seem’

Renowned theatre maker Andy Smith invites the audience to meet, listen and take action in his latest work SUMMIT, which will play at Shoreditch Town Hall as part of a UK tour.

In a blend of languages, including fully integrated BSL, three performers tell a story from three perspectives.  It is the story of an international meeting.  A meeting called to respond to a crisis. A meeting at which something happened and in that moment everything changed.

Exploring ideas of language, equality and how we communicate with each other, over three acts and in three different ways.  SUMMIT tells the story of a meeting organised to discuss and resolve a potentially catastrophic situation – our situation.

Andy Smith said “After opening at Brighton Festival in 2017, I’m thrilled that we have found an opportunity to tour SUMMIT. In both form and content, the play looks to explore ideas of diversity, inclusion and agency, and I am looking forward to presenting it in many places and for many audiences across England this autumn.”

Kate McGrath, director of Fuel said ‘This is a brand new work that could not be more timely. It’s about crisis, communication, and community and for me it’s also about finding courage. It’s a privilege to be working with Andy and the rest of the team to bring this unique event to audiences around the UK, as part of our ongoing commitment to sharing our work with the widest possible audience.’

The performers are Jamie Rae, Nadia Anim and Aleasha Chaunté.

Andy Smith is a leading UK theatre maker.  His  solo  projects  include  All  That is Solid  Melts  Into  Air  (2011)  and  Commonwealth  (2012).  Along  with  Karl  James,  Andy  is  also  the  co-director  of  the  award  winning  plays  An  Oak  Tree,  ENGLAND and The  Author  by  Tim  Crouch.  He has  also collaborated  with  Tim  Crouch  on  What  Happens  To The Hope  At The End  Of  The  Evening (2013),  a  commission  for  The  Almeida  Theatre,  as  well  as  the  world  premiere  of  Adler  &  Gibb  at  The  Royal  Court  in  2014.  His solo show The  Preston  Bill,  was  commissioned  by  Fuel  as  part  of  their  project  New  Theatre  in  Your Neighbourhood and has toured the UK since 2015.

Suitable for ages 14+ with running time of 60mins without interval.

Co-commissioned by South Street Reading in association with Reading University, Brighton Festival, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, UCLan/Derelict and Lancaster Arts. Supported by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Funded by Arts Council England and Peggy Ramsey Foundation. In association with Unity Theatre, Liverpool.


Tuesday 9 to Friday19 October

Shoreditch Town Hall

Tickets: 020 7739 6176