The Lincoln Company presents Happy Together by Kate Newman at Edfringe 2016

The Lincoln Company

Happy Together

By Kate Newman

Happy Together

Happy Together

The Lincoln Company return to the Edinburgh Fringe with new writing

Happy Together goes behind closed doors and explores the theatricality of one couple’s dysfunctional relationship. Alex is an aspiring actor, Jess is a lecturer in psychology. They will meet at the theatre, during this show, what follows is among the most unconventional love stories of all time. Set in both real time and the future, the audiences sees Alex and Jess acting together, falling for with one another, loving, hating and hurting each other.

Happy Together is all of the lies and facades that characterise modern romance, as we probe through the complex layers of Alex and Jess’s relationship, love, hate and Stockholme Syndrome come into play. Who is in charge; The ‘abuser’, the ‘victim’ or the writer?

Inspired by the work of Tim Crouch, Happy Together is Kate Newman’s first one act play. Initially performed at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Happy Together has been in development since September 2015. Kate attended a workshop at Derby Theatre, where Tim Crouch was able to give feedback and guidance on the developing script. Even at its earliest stage Crouch commented ‘It’s in a very interesting piece’.

The Lincoln Company is based at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and is supported by the University of Lincoln. The company is made up of graduates and students from the university and this is the 8th year they have performed at C venues during the Edinburgh Fringe. They present a varied programme of shows each year that includes new work and revivals. Previous shows include sell of productions of The Addams Family Musical (2015) and Sweeney Todd (2012). They have also presented award winning new devised theatre from associate artists including Eggbox and Flickbook Theatre.

Listings Information
Venue : C cubed, venue 50, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Dates  : 4-29 Aug (not 16)
Time   : 18:15 (0h55)
Ticket prices : £8.50-£10.50 / concessions £6.50-£8.50 / children £4.50-£6.50
C venues box office : 0845 260 1234 /
Fringe box office : 0131 226 0000 /

York DramaSoc presents Our Writer by Sam Essame at Edfringe 2016

York DramaSoc

Our Writer

by Sam Essame

DramaSoc @ Edinburgh Fringe

DramaSoc @ Edinburgh Fringe

Two characters are waiting for their writer to finish their script, unaware of his severe writer’s block.

Our Writer starts mid-narrative and ends before it’s finished. Our Writer is a comedy about two characters in a play, Morphine and Porcelain, who are waiting for their writer to finish their script. In a tragicomic twist, haven’t realised he has severe writer’s block, preventing him from finishing it. Porcelain, the more grounded of the two, is content to wait in hope of some change, but the irascible Morphine has other ideas about how to initiate change. If you’ve ever wondered what literary characters do when their writer isn’t watching, or contemplated how tragic it would be to have all your actions controlled by an all-seeing, all-commanding figure, this is the comedy for you.

A mixture of Beckett’s existentialist musings and Monty Python’s absurdist wit, this brand-new comedy will make you laugh, think, despair, then laugh at yourself for despairing at your thinking. Questioning the truth of their own reality the play poses the cyclical question of reality and the meaning of life under a useless creator. A theoretical mystery Our Writer evokes thought and discussion exploring the very depths of human creation through this anecdotal, hilarious, absurd play. In reference to the time-old theory ‘cogito ergo sum’, the piece takes us on a beautifully poetic adventure inside the world of our characters, with plot twists and narrative dysfunction, and, inevitable belly laughs.

A York based company, the team have together, and singularly worked on many successful productions. The York team are already very well known locally, and are on set to bring their fantastic production, with roaring success, to a national scale of recognition.