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T’Nia Miller The Ugly One at Park Theatre Cast Interview: “You’ll find us congregating in the bar which stock Kraken rum, so I’m as happy as a pig in …”

T'Nia Miller

T’Nia Miller

Do you think everyone does have body confidence issues? Some people seem to have none at all, do they just not realise it?
No I don’t think everyone has body issues despite the media’s efforts to make us feel inferior in some way or other. Within different cultures ‘body issues’ are non-existent and emphasis on self-worth is measured  on less fickle values/ideals.

Is it quite fun working at Park Theatre?
You’ll find us often congregating in the bar which stock Kraken rum, so I’m as happy as a pig in …

What drew you to auditioning for The Ugly One?
Well  it’s a very funny play and I rarely get to do much theatre. I also hugely admire our director and love working with him.

Getting older is quite fun isn’t it: do you need time to pass so that you can look back with wisdom?
Is getting old fun? Umm personally I wouldn’t know as I’m 21 years young. I’ll have to trust you on that one. I have to say I’ve found wisdom in the voices of four year olds as well as those in their twilight years.

What can audiences expect from The Ugly One 10 years on since it was last seen?
I imagine it’s still as side splitting ten years ago as it is today! On a more serious note If things continue to head the way they are in the western world and with the impact of globalisation I imagine it will still be very much relevant in ten years’ time.


How have the performances been going? Is it fun performing in an intimate space such as Park 90?
Every night is different still so much to explore and learn.

Can you describe your director (Roy) in 3 words?
No. Joking umm he’s intelligent, innovative fun

Last question – easy one – Do any of you share the view that some take that Brexit and Trump are good for arts and culture?
I can’t even deal … seriously I could write a dissertation on this question alone.