Rebecca Caine, Interview about Flowers for Mrs Harris and more

Rebecca Caine

Rebecca Caine

Rebecca Caine is an actress. She was born in Toronto and studied at the Guildhall School of Music, London. Rebecca kindly took some time out today to answer some questions about her career. She is due to appear in Flowers for Mrs Harris at Sheffield Crucible Theatre next month.
Based on the novel by Paul Gallico, Flowers for Mrs Harris is a new musical set in 1940s London.
Here we go.

Hello Rebecca! Obviously you’ve done a lot of the last quarter of a century. Have you been a twenty five-year overnight success?
36 years I have been at it, actually. Nope. I had success (luck) right off the bat but my career has gone up and down and through several different genres.

Rebecca Caine

Rebecca Caine at Flowers for Mrs Harris rehearsals

You are in Sheffield at the moment for Flowers for Mrs Harris. Is it any good?
It is utterly brilliant. It’s as good as Les Miserables in its own very different tender charming moving way.  I am incredibly excited to see how an audience will react to it.

Do you think female actors have a harder time than male actors when it comes to the second half of their career?
Yes. Of course. The great thing about Flowers is that there are four strong roles for women over 40.
Things need to change. I have thought about refusing to pay my tv licence until I see my age group represented properly.


Rebecca Caine

Rebecca Caine in Les Miserables

You were in the original cast of Les Mis. How have musical theatre styles changed over the years? Is it just a case that there are fewer roles for older actresses, but it’s harder for them to adapt to newer Musical Theatre conventions? It seems like hard work these days.
This interview seems to be about my age! I wonder if you would ask a male actor the same questions. I cannot speak for anyone else though I will say being older doesn’t mean you can’t learn new tricks! In my case I make a certain sound (full on legit soprano) that is not written for very often. If I belted it might be slightly different but not much.

You recently said of Phantom of the Opera that you’d rather gouge your eyes out. 
I am grateful to Phantom for all its given me and like the show. The quote is about entering the theatre it playing in; I have never made any secret of the fact I had a rotten and miserable time in that production.

What’s the best freebie you’ve ever been given?
I got bumped onto Concord.

Are you getting bored of these questions yet?
You are very close to the edge.  Have we discussed what it’s like to be a hot 50 something soprano who acts yet?

The title of your autobiography would be…
Caine and Unstable.

What’s your best advice for auditions?
“Be yourself” which for me means singing a top C and then throwing a chair across the room after a foetus informed me that “He’d grown up listening to me on long car journeys and could I just sing 8 bars”.

What is the most underrated musical of all time?
I hate musicals. Seriously!

Flowers for Mrs Harris runs at the Crucible, Sheffield from 18 May – 4 June 2016.