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Winner of Gypsy DVD lucky draw DeeDee Doke “I’ve loved “Gypsy” since I was a little girl. It’s all about ambition and reaching for the stars — in any way you can.”

We ran “Win a Gypsy DVD” contest on the website in  November. The Gypsy DVD – courtesy of Universal Pictures. We are absolutely delighted with the level of response that the contest generated both  on the website and on our twitter handle. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who signed up to participate in the lucky draw.

DeeDee Doke

DeeDee Doke

In our effort to look at our theatre audiences beyond the “theatre audience” we put a few questions to our winners.  Having readers’ perspective about theatre and their love for theatre is both  enlightening and inspiring. Needless to say DeeDee did not disappoint. We hadn’t imagined our GYPSY DVD lucky draw would throw up someone so completely immersed, captivated and in love with British Theatre in general and Gypsy to boot.

Here’s how the Q&A  with her went…

Carl’s website 
Sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing site; I particularly like the use of images and how they’re played, and the images themselves. The content is crisp, not too dense or ‘luvvie’. I look forward to its further growth and  development.

Theatre, musicals and more 
I was introduced to theatre and musicals as a toddler, and nothing excites me as much as the opening of an onstage curtain – I love the enhanced reality, the storytelling, and with my favourite musicals, songs that I both love to hear and sing. My favourite form of entertainment — theatre, whether ‘straight plays’ or musicals. I love being in the audience; I also love performing.

Why Gypsy and what about Gypsy  
I’ve loved “Gypsy” since I was a little girl. It’s all about ambition and reaching for the stars — in any way you can. I loved the power, the style, the glamour and the amazing human story of thwarted and vicarious ambition. Every single song is so strong. And omigod, what an overture! I love the vehemence of “Rose’s Turn” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”, and the wistfulness of “Little Lamb”. What characters — Rose of course, Herbie, Miss Mazeppa the Stripper, and Gypsy/Louise herself. When Louise is transformed into Gypsy, there’s such a sense that Louise has finally found her destiny, and she’s helpless to stop it — even if she wanted to, which I don’t think she does.

Favourite song from Gypsy
My favourite “Gypsy” soundtrack: I thought nothing could ever overtake the original Ethel Merman soundtrack, but the latest featuring Imelda Staunton is just staggering. I think her interpretations of Rose’s songs are my favourite but I love Sandra Church’s rendition of “Little Lamb”.

Me and British Theatre  
I can hardly put it into words. I love British theatre, revel in every production I see — whether it’s effective or not — and believe it is giving rise to some of the world’s most imaginative and revelatory productions of plays old and new. I feel so lucky to get to experience it first-hand. It’s truly one of the finest gifts we offer the world.


The end.