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Guest Blog – iampro: “The Online Drama School”

Online Drama School

In the age of Covid-19, there is comfort in knowing that you can still access interactive drama classes and theatre online.  

What is an online drama school?

An online drama school is one that runs classes virtually, usually in the form of live tutorials, performances, or pre-recorded masterclasses. An online training environment can be beneficial as it gives aspiring actors and actresses the chance to practice and hone their skills from the comfort of home, at their very own pace. 

Although the concept of an online drama school may seem foreign for many, it is something that is increasingly becoming popular. With many having got to grips with all things digital over the past couple of years, bringing drama online is a natural step forward.

Benefits of an online drama school 

With the performing arts industry under increased pressure, now more than ever we must ensure that everyone, whatever their financial circumstances, has access to a rich and stimulating cultural education. Online drama schools can help bridge the gap between those wanting to learn how to perform and those struggling with the practicality of getting to a performance studio in the current climate. 

Many parts of the arts industry are becoming increasingly digitalised. Aspiring actors are finding that remote castings are now the norm and many drama schools that went online during the pandemic are still offering virtual lessons. An online drama school gives its attendees the opportunity to meet and engage with others who they may have never otherwise had the chance to meet in person (due to them living further away, or even in another country). With no geographical restrictions, online classes make it easier to share ideas with and connect with new people. 

For many, the flexibility of online drama classes is the most appealing thing. They give you the opportunity to establish a disciplined routine where it becomes easier to attend classes. Students are not held back by things out of their control such as travel or unexpected restrictions caused by Covid-19, such as another lockdown. 

Another benefit to online drama school is that you can learn entirely at your own pace. Practising when you want to, on your own terms, is something that is both satisfying and rewarding. It gives the aspiring actor or actress autonomy over their own personal development. 

Where can I find an online drama school? 

Many drama schools offer a handful of online courses nowadays. It is a very convenient choice for those who may find it difficult to make it to the studio or theatre on a regular basis. Online drama school iampro, founded by actress Charlie Brooks, is helping to make acting and performing more accessible for all. Led by industry specialists, iampro helps aspiring actors and actresses to develop critical skills and increase confidence.

This online drama school offers a range of on-demand short courses, weekly live classes, and celebrity masterclasses. In addition to this, there are industry opportunities, such as the monthly ‘get seen’ event, and regular Q&As with professionals. These interactive classes are social and encourage group discussion and networking. It is important to have a collaborative community for an online school as it encourages students to connect outside of the workshops and classes, and develop their skills even further. 

The future of drama schools

There is undoubtedly a future for online drama schools and performance classes. Digital opportunities make it easier and more accessible for talented individuals to begin acting and ultimately realise their potential – this is something that should be celebrated.