Artistic pioneers, mavericks and rebels line up for Where Are We Now? as part of Hull 2017

The first events and artistic collaborators for Where Are We Now?, a new festival presented by avant-garde art collective and provocateurs Neu! Reekie! as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017, have been announced today. The festival will take place from 2 until 4 June 2017 with the first events on sale now at

Where Are We Now? brings together a lively gathering of some of the most exciting cultural rabble-rousers, agitators, thinkers and luminaries from across Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Through a programme of spoken word events, hip-hop, live music, film screenings, discussions, street theatre, poetry and visual art, Neu! Reekie! and their artistic collaborators pose the question: where are we now? The idea is to stimulate debate amongst artists, musicians and writers, as well as the wider public.

The three-day festival includes Mercury Prize winners Young Fathers; political activist, writer and singer Charlotte Church; rapper and poet Akala; artist, musician, writer and producer Bill Drummond; Hull music promoter Altu ‘Flowrex’ Collingwood ; 2016 Stanley Kubrick prize-winning filmmaker, writer and curator Mark Cousins; artist Jamie Reid renowned for his work with the Sex Pistols; A Love From Outer Space founders Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston; hip-hop group The Four Owls; soul singer Law Holt; singer and MC Eva Lazarus; spoken word artist Hollie McNish; Caught by the River co-founder Jeff Barrett; UK rapper Chester P; David Bowie aficionado and leader in provocative pop Momus; hip hop band Stanley Odd; poet and writer Sabrina Mahfouz; and legendary Scottish outfit Finitribe.

Neu! Reekie! have developed a manifesto for the festival:

“Where Are We Now?’ will be a summer festival like no other: a gathering of time-served trouble-makers, spoken word rebels, artistic mavericks & leftfield music pioneers. We’ll be converging on the city of Hull to ask of today’s counter-culture the soaring, searching question with which David Bowie kissed us goodbye.

“The UK has reached a crossroads. Where it goes next is anyone’s guess. Dark divisive forces of racism and prejudice are stirring across the UK (and Europe) in the wake of Brexit and across the Atlantic following the election of Donald Trump. We need to ask our artists, musicians & writers where they stand.

“For detached hipster unicyclists or stay-at-home clicktavists this may not be your time or place for we promise to ruffle feathers, take to the streets, challenge the dominant narratives, and counterpose Love to Hate.

“Convening the radical fusion will be one of the UK’s most acclaimed and exciting artistic collectives. With counter-cultural roots going back through the last 25 years – to the legendary Rebel Inc publishing house – Neu! Reekie! intend to take the pulse of the cultural resistance across the UK and its four nations. And have some fun involving the good people of Hull.

“Come together. Ask questions. Listen & watch. Dance. Shake things up.”

The festival’s opening event, Neu! Reekie! present Where Are We Now? will take place at Hull City Hall on Friday 2 June, when they will be joined by Young Fathers, Charlotte Church and Hollie McNish. In addition to the musical and spoken word guests, the evening will feature animation and short films.

On Saturday 3 June, Neu! Reekie! and Hull music promoter Altu ‘Flowrex’ Collingwood will invite the guiding lights of UK hip-hop to The Welly for an evening of live music. The line-up includes Akala, The Four Owls, Stanley Odd and Eva Lazarus. More details about the festival line-up will be announced next year.

Martin Green, CEO and Director, Hull 2017, said “Hull has a rich history of radical thinking and, as many events throughout the City of Culture year show, pushing the boundaries of convention. We’re delighted to welcome Neu! Reekie! and artists from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in 2017 for Where Are We Now? Given the changing global context, it’s more essential than ever for artists to offer commentary on current issues. It will be exciting to see what conversations, debates and thoughts this gang of artistic agitators inspire in this city.”

Where Are We Now? is part of the Hull 2017 Roots & Routes season and is one of four weekend festivals due to take place next year that focus on contemporary political, social and cultural issues. The others are WOW (Women of the World) Hull (10 – 12 March), which will focus on gender equality; Freedom and Freedoms in a global context (1-4 September) including Bob and Roberta Smith’s summer takeover of Hull School of Art and Design as a ‘Centre for Freedom of Expression’; and Substance (8-10 December), which will focus on the significance of the North framed within a cultural context.


Friday 2 June 2017
Neu! Reekie! presents Where Are We Now? #1
City Hall, Queen Victoria Square, Hull, HU1 3RQ
Doors 6pm
Ticket Price: £20/£17.50 concession

Saturday 3 June 2017
Neu! Reekie! presents Where Are We Now? #2
The Welly Club, 105-107 Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1TS
Doors 6pm
Ticket Price: £15/£12 conc


Jaipur Literature Festival is the Perfect Winter Getaway for January 2017

Jaipur Literature Festival Celebrates a Decade of Shaping India’s Conversation with a focus on the 70th anniversary of Indian independence.

World’s largest free literature festival set amongst the cultural heritage of Rajasthan is perfect, and easy January get away.

Jaipur Literature Festival is vibrant, colourful, intoxicating experience where the world’s media, authors and celebrities meet.

#10YearsOfJLF – 2017 marks ten years of the Jaipur Literature Festival and its meteoric rise from a small gem of an idea to the world’s largest free literary festival, having hosted more than 1300 speakers and attracting more than 1.2 million footfalls over the past decade. This makes Jaipur the perfect warm country to escape to and soak up some culture, as well as the sun in January 2017. JLF takes place in the stunning setting of the historic Diggi Palace Hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which is a beautiful sight to behold amidst the hustle and bustle of “the greatest literary show on Earth.”

2017 also marks 70 years of Indian independence. As a pioneering champion of literary debate and social dialogue, both Indian and international, a strong focus of JLF 2017 will be to celebrate one of the world’s largest democracies through the theme ‘The Freedom to Dream: India at 70’ and drive conversations around modern India in the context of its history and its future. There couldn’t be a better year to visit this expansive and culturally diverse nation, explore its artistry and immerse yourself in its far-reaching global links alongside tradition and local consciousness


JLF will welcome over 250 authors, thinkers, politicians, journalists and popular culture icons from India and from around the globe, and expects audience numbers to surpass last year’s figure of 330,000. To celebrate its 10 years, the Jaipur Literature Festival is announcing 10 speakers every Tuesday as part of JLF [email protected] – #10Speakers10Weeks. Some of the writers announced so far include the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Color Purple, Alice Walker, 2016 Emerging Voices Award winner Eka Kurniawan, winner 2015 of the Man Booker Prize Richard Flanagan, award winning lyricist Swanand Kirkire, cultural critic Margo Jefferson, British broadcaster and journalist Jeremey Paxman, The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross, British-Bangladeshi author Tahmima Anam, NoViolet Bulawayo, the first black African woman to be nominated for the Man Booker Prize and Hyeonseo Lee a North Korean defector living in Seoul, among many other writers from all cultures and creeds.

For those looking to enjoy the Jaipur Literature Festival in the best way possible, the enhanced Festival Delegate packages, which in 2017 will include entry to two Festival Fringe events in stunning heritage settings, a ‘Delegates Only’ session and cocktail evening along with transport shuttle, are available.

Jaipur Literature Festival is first and foremost a celebration of books, authors and writers, but is also the place to be in January for people across South Asia.

William Dalrymple, writer, historian and Co-director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, says, “Each year at Jaipur we try to produce a programme more remarkable than the year before, but 2017’s Jaipur list is certainly the most astonishing we have ever fielded. We have gathered talent from across the globe — from Jamaica to North Korea and Tasmania to Zimbabwe — to present writers of genius as diverse as the war correspondent Dexter Filkins , the economist Ha Joon Chang and the Italian aesthete, Sanskritist and polymath Roberto Calasso. We import some of the world’s most admired playwrights and novelists, including Mark Haddon, David Hare and Man Booker Prize winners Alan Hollinghurst and Richard Flanagan as well as arguably the world’s greatest living archaeologist, Barry Cunliffe. We deeply delve into areas of world literature we have so far failed to explore, notably the novelists and poets of the Caribbean, Turkey and Iran, while returning to examine eternal classics such as the work of Homer, Ferdowsi, Yeats, Nabakov and the Thousand and One Nights. We will explore a vast range of subjects from the history of scent to the rise of the Trilobites; biography from Jack the Ripper to Queen Victoria via Napoleon and Anne Boleyn; tales of the spice trade to the eruption of Krakatoa; we look at Jamaican rap and mediaeval mystic poetry and the art of screenwriting; we probe the reason for the Fall of Rome, the dilemmas facing Edward Snowden, KGB assassination techniques and the secrets of the Panama Papers; the agonies of Syria and the pleasures of Ottoman Istanbul as well as enjoying the decadent swagger of the Rolling Stones 1970 World Tour. It’s going to be an incredible few days and I can’t wait for January so that we can get started!”

Namita Gokhale, writer, publisher and Co-director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, says, “Ten years of books and ideas, readers and writers! A decade of showcasing writing from the Indian languages and connectivities across South Asia. In 2017, a special focus on translations and the pulse of world literatures. Ceaselessly celebrating the wonders of the dreaming mind, the Jaipur Literature Festival invokes the collective energy of our brilliant authors and extraordinary and engaged audiences.

Sanjoy K. Roy, Managing Director of Teamwork Arts who produce the Jaipur Literature Festival, said, “The Jaipur Literature Festival has developed immeasurably over the last ten years and established itself as one of the greatest literary gatherings in the world. The core values of it remain the same, to bring the very best writers from across India and the world to one of the most magical and atmospheric historic sites in the world and make the opportunity to join this celebration of literature open to all. With the help of our sponsors and supporters we can continue to offer this opportunity to everybody. It is an experience like no other. Teamwork Arts continues to extend the Festival overseas, once again to London in May and Boulder, Colorado in the USA during the Fall, and a pop-up edition at the Melbourne Writers Festival in February 2017, giving audiences abroad a taste of what they can experience in Jaipur, and we know already that some will now travel to join us for what promises to be one of the best years ever.

Balletboyz join ‘The Big Christmas Give Challenge’ and aim to raise £10,000 in 72 hours in aid of Parkinson’s Can Dance

BalletBoyz Parkinsons Can Dance

BalletBoyz Parkinson’s CAN  Dance

The internationally celebrated dance company BalletBoyz have announced that they will be taking part in ‘The Big Give Christmas Challenge’ from noon on Tuesday 29 November to noon on Friday 2 December to raise money for their Parkinson’s CAN Dance class. The Big Give, a 72 hour fundraising initiative across the country, will match all donations made during this time, effectively doubling the value of each one.

BalleyBoyz are hoping to raise £10,000, in order to secure £20,000 to run a second Parkinson’s CAN Dance class in 2017. Research and practice has shown that dance improves well-being and physical health for people living with Parkinson’s. BalletBoyz run weekly classes which open up the fun and the art of dancing to people with Parkinson’s at the same time as providing exercise and an enjoyable social event.

A class participant said: ‘Dance gives me confidence to walk the streets without fear of falling’.

BalletBoyz are grateful for any donations that people are able to make. Donations can only be made online here and are kindly being doubled by BalletBoyz key supporters and the Big Give’s philanthropic partner, People’s Postcode Lottery.  People can also show their support by sharing the campaign video with their social networks.

, ,

Theatre Musings Festive Offer – winner announcement for the 25 November lucky draw

Theatre Musings Festive Offer

Theatre Musings Festive Offer. Click on the image to know more.

We are running the festive offer to encourage the purchase of tickets from our affiliate link 
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Our winner for the 25 November draw is Lona Hinshaw. The prize was Amazon Gift Voucher worth £20 pounds which Lona requested we convert to a donation for a leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands.

Undoubtedly a very sweet gesture on Lona’s part and a beautiful and kind way to kick off the festive season,  for us too.



A Q &A  with our first lucky draw winner Lona:

Lona Hinshaw

Lona Hinshaw

Carl’s blog…
covers a variety of shows in a way that sparks my interest. The interviews especially are engaging,  from  theatremakers and specialists who are innovative, passionate and making their mark in there own field. A few unexpected fun questions and the ensuing answers are a joy to read.

Love for theatre and her first theatre experience 
Going to the theatre is a communal and in the moment experience, something unique that cannot be recreated even when seeing the same play again. It’s the intimacy felt with the stage and being let into a world that you normally can’t or are too afraid to go into, but it’s safe to explore, becuase you’re with the characters and the rest of the audience. Sometimes it’s a world you didn’t even realise existed and that’s the best part. Not fully knowing what to expect and coming away with a different way of thinking and seeing, being inspired.

My first theatre experience was Peter & the Wolf. It was instrumental with puppets and left a lasting impression in my mind. It took me into another world in a way that movies, tv, and books did not. It seemed to combine the visual and oral aspects of movies and tv, without spoonfeeding everything, allowing imagination and intimacy to flourish in the way that books do.

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Theatre Musings Festive Offer

Theatre Musings Festive Offer. Click on the image to shop for your theatre tickets

Oxford Playhouse and Arts at the Old Fire Station announce return of major new fringe festival offbeat

Offbeat, a 10 day festival in the heart of Oxford is returning for a second year to showcase some of the best in fringe theatre and to engage new audiences



Offbeat is a new partnership between Oxford Playhouse and Arts at the Old Fire Station, giving Oxford audiences an opportunity to engage with contemporary work – bringing 70 shows in 10 days to their front door. All tickets will be priced at £10 or less and the festival will be running from 23 June – 2 July 2017. The festival will showcase theatre, dance, comedy, music, family shows and spoken word brought to you by upcoming and established artists from Oxfordshire and across the U.K.

Applications for Offbeat 2017 open today, seeking exciting and innovative work that is new to Oxfordshire.Offbeat will carefully curate a rich and varied programme from the submissions received and are happy to accept work in progress, promising a fair offer for artists and a platform to test their work. Applications to participate in the festival open today and close 30 January 2017, please visit apply.

Jeremy Spafford, Director at the Old Fire Station said today “The world is complicated and we need to be able to look at complexity, nurture the talent that will help us understand the world around us better, celebrate difference and retain our sense of humour. Offbeat sums this up.”

Louise Chantal, Director at the Oxford Playhouse said “Offbeat will create a sustainable platform for new work in the city, whilst playing a significant role in the UK festival circuit, with a long-term focus on artist development”.

 Last year saw the inaugural Offbeat festival, and included highlights such as Ross & Rachel by James Fritzand The Best of Trygve Wakenshaw, a documentary screening of Yasmin Fedda’s Queens of Syria and stand-up comedy from names such as Rosie Wilby and Viv Groskop. A number of shows went on to win acclaim at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including Katie Bonna’s All The Things I Lied About, Francesca Millican-Slater’s Stories To Tell In The Middle Of The Night, and Goose’s Hydrobeserker.

Highlights from the 2016 Festival;

For more information on the project visit:
Twitter: @OffBeatOx

Broadway Theatre Letchworth- launch season announced for 2017

Sue Scott Davison

Sue Scott Davison

Olivier award-winning producer Sue Scott Davison, Creative Programmer of the Broadway Theatre – a new mid-scale theatre in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, only half an hour from London – today announces the venue’s inaugural season which will run from February to May 2017. Sue, who lives in Letchworth, has created a diverse programme of theatre, comedy, live music, dance and family entertainment, which is scheduled to dovetail with the cinema’s screenings and national releases. The theatre will open with a star-studded launch event, on Sunday 5 February 2017. Tickets for the season are on sale now and can be purchased from

The new theatre, situated within the town’s much-loved and iconic Art Deco Broadway Cinema, is uniquely funded by the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, a community benefit society. The new versatile, two-in-one venue which will be complete by the end of December, can be turned into a theatre, and back to a cinema overnight. The back of house – new dressing rooms and a green room – are housed within a new extension to the cinema building. Local audiences have proved their appetite for a wider selection of arts as demonstrated by the enormous popularity of screenings of live ballet, opera and theatre. For two consecutive years, the cinema reported exceptional box office performance for live event screenings from the Royal Opera house, which ranked Broadway as No. 1 in the UK on the independent circuit.

Sue Scott Davison said: “The challenge with every new space is how to develop an audience, but the success of the live screenings at the Broadway Cinema has proven that there is a desire for good, quality performance on which to build. We are very excited about the opening programme.“To be charged with providing the town and the surrounding areas with a diverse schedule of theatre, comedy, music and dance is daunting, but as this will be the first fully-programmed, professional theatre space in the area, the advantages are considerable. Offering a new, mid-scale space to touring companies, performers and musicians, and so close to London, will help in securing the best.”

 Highlights of the season include the launch of the UK tour of Waiting for God, a stage adaptation of the hit TV series, starring Roy Hudd and Nichola McAuliffe and presented by West End producer James Seabright – who will also give Letchworth audiences an exclusive concert presentation of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a new musical based on the scene from Disney’s Fantasia, ahead of its London debut. Family entertainment includes the first adaptation of David Walliams’ The First Hippo on the Moon presented by Les Petits Theatre Company, Julia Donaldson’s The Scarecrows’ Wedding, presented by Scamp Theatre and the Watford Palace, Big Wooden Horse’s Monstersaurus, Birmingham Stage Company’s Horrible Histories, and a special performance of Michael Morpurgo’s The Mozart Question, narrated by the author himself. Pilot Theatre Company and York Theatre Royal will bring their acclaimed production of The Machine Stops, an adaptation of an E.M. Forster short story. The Reduced Shakespeare Company will present William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged), and 2Magpies Theatre will tell the story of cyclists Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani, as they re-stage the drug fuelled race on Ventoux, the most fearsome mountain encountered on the Tour de France.Other highlights include poet Roger McGough, wit and raconteur Gyles Brandreth and magician Jamie Raven who will all bring their unique talent to Letchworth audiences.

Sue continued, “And at a time when the representation of women in theatre continues to be the subject of heated debate, I am also thrilled to be a part of a 6 strong female arts team which has been building over this past year to deliver the very best in live entertainment.”

Director Gary Condes and cast of LUV celebrate Murray Schisgal’s 90th Birthday

Murray Schisgal is the American playwright and screenwriter who wrote LUV. The Happy Birthday message for his 90th Birthday by director Gary Condes and cast of LUV is amongst the  loveliest uses of technology, social media we have seen in a long time.

Murray Schisgal | Author of Luv

Murray Schisgal

Murray Schisgal

Murray has an extensive career spanning plays, screenplays, fiction and as a producer/executive producer of five feature films.

BROADWAY: Luv, (Tony nomination for Best Play and Best Author), Jimmy Shine, All Over Town, (Drama Desk nomination for Outstanding New Play), The Chinese & Doctor Fish, Twice Around The Park, (“A Need for Brussels Sprouts” & “A Need for Less Expertise”) and An American Millionaire.

OFF-BROADWAY AND OFF-OFF-BROADWAY: The Typists And The Tiger (Vernon Rice Award,  Outer Circle Award, Saturday Review Critics Poll Award), Fragments & The Basement, The Flatulist, Walter, The Pushcart Peddlers, 74 Georgia Avenue, Sexaholics, Extensions, The Consequences Of Goosing, What About Luv? (A musical based on LUV), Road Show (revised, 2007 as Murder In The Drugstore) and Playtime (revised 2009 as Wall Street Fandango), Angel Wings (Off-Off-Broadway Award for Excellence).

18 PRODUCED SHORT PLAYS published by Applause Books in THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT PLAYS, most of them published by DPS or SAMUEL FRENCH, ending with Naked Old Man, 2008-2009. In addition, 6 UNPRODUCED SHORT PLAYS published to-date only by Applause Books in THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT PLAYS: The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Crying, First Love, Fifty Years Ago, Queenie, The Hunchback Of Central Park West, And The Hysterical Misogynist. Other recently written plays unproduced and unpublished: 3xme, Death Moves Into Our Rent-Controlled Apartment. Ladies And Gentlemen, I Have Something Of The Upmost Importance To Tell You.

FILM: co-screenwriter credit: Tootsie (Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay; The New York Critics Circle Award, Best Screenplay, The Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, Best Screenplay, The National Society of Film Critics Award, Best Screenplay, Writers Guild of American Annual Award, Outstand Achievement of Comedy Directly Written for the Screen, The British Academy of Film nomination, Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe nomination. American Film Institute: #2 in The Funniest American Films, Writers Guild of America: #17 in 101 Greatest Screenplays). Sole screenwriter credit for The Tiger Makes Out, starring Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, directed by Arthur Hiller.

TELEVISION: The Love Song Of Barney Kempinski, feature-length TV screenplay starring Allen Arkin (The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy nomination for Outstanding Dramatic Program) and Natasha Kovolina Pipashinsky, one-act of a trilogy of one-act TV screenplays.

PRODUCER/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF FIVE FEATURE-LENGTH FILMS: A Walk On The Moon, Boys And Girls, The Devil’s Arithmetic (The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Special, The Golden Reel Award nomination”); Clubland, (Best Actor, Emmy nomination for Alan Alda); A Separate Peace (The National Academy Television Arts and Sciences Emmy nomination for Outstanding Family Special).

LUV is a humourous celebration of the absurd lengths humans go to when struck down with the terrible affliction known as ‘love’. Milt and Harry are college friends and meet one night on a bridge and uncover each other’s miserable life stories before hatching a plan to find their happily-ever-afters.

Come and indulge in this delightful comedy this Christmas, with its laugh out loud dialogue, physical comedy, and its infectious energy.

Written by Murray Schisgal, best known for writing the screenplay for ‘Tootsie’, LUV first premiered on Broadway, where it won a number of Tony awards and nominations, among them Best Play and Best Author of a Play.

“A wildly funny… drama which makes high comedy of the nagging indignities which flesh is heir to.” 

“Love is a giving and taking, an interchange of emotions, a gradual development based on physical attraction, complementary careers and simple social similarities…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Casting announced for Joe Hill-Gibbins’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Joe Hill-Gibbins returns to the Young Vic’s Main House stage with a bold new production featuring Michael Gould as Oberon, Anastasia Hille as Titania and Leo Bill as Bottom. Lovers Lysander and Hermia are played by John Dagleish and Jemima Rooper; Demetrius and Helena by Oliver Alvin-Wilson and Anna Madeley. Matthew Steer plays Peter Quince. Further casting is still to be announced.

In a world of grotesque transformations and sexual provocation, repressed conflicts between lovers and their parents are released. Manipulation leads to complications and desire becomes dangerous. Heaving with the energy of a wild house party, Hill-Gibbins’ production dives into the subconscious of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

Design and light for A Midsummer Night’s Dream is by Johannes Schütz, with costumes by Michaela Barth, sound by Paul Arditti, movement by Jenny Ogilvie and dramaturgy by Zoë Svendsen.

Oliver Alvin-Wilson makes his Young Vic debut in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His theatre credits include: The Red Barn, Emperor And Galilean, All’s Well That Ends Well (National Theatre); Antigone (Pilot, Theatre Royal Stratford East); A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, The Merchant Of Venice (Propeller Theatre Company); Doctor Faustus (West Yorkshire Playhouse/ Citizens Theatre) and Blue/Orange (ATG, Theatre Royal Brighton/UK Tour). For film his credits include: The Huntsman. His television credits include: From Cradle to Grave, Misfits, Hollyoaks and Casualty.

Leo Bill returns to the Young Vic after appearing in The Glass Menagerie in 2010. His other theatre credits include: Hamlet (Barbican); Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, Pains of Youth, The Observer, The Hothouse, A Woman Killed With Kindness (National Theatre); The Silence of the Sea (Donmar Warehouse); Posh (Duke of York’s Theatre, Royal Court) and The Way of the World (Sheffield Crucible Theatre). His credits for film include: Alice Through the Looking Glass, Mr Turner, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Me and Orson Welles, The Fall and Vera Drake. For television: Taboo, The White Queen, Pramface, The Borgias and Eroica.

John Dagleish makes his debut at the Young Vic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His theatre credits include: The Winter’s Tale/Harlequinade (The Garrick); Sunny Afternoon (Hampstead Theatre, Harold Pinter Theatre) for which he won an Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical; Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat, The Mother (Royal Court). Film credits: The Monuments Men, Age Of Heroes, Frankie Teardrop and The Priest. For television his credits include: The Last Dragonslayer, The Moorside Project, Silent Witness, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Siblings, Truckers, Beaver Falls I & II, Larkrise To Candleford (4 series) and Henry V.

Michael Gould returns to the Young Vic following A View from the Bridge (Wyndham’s Theatre and Lyceum Theatre New York), Hamlet and Cruel and Tender. His roles at The National Theatre include: Attempts on her Life, Waves, Women of Troy, Earthquakes in London, Pillars in the Community and Our Class. Other theatre work includes: The Audience (Apollo Theatre), The Ugly One (Royal Court), Othello (RSC), and King Lear (Shakespeare’s Globe). On TV: The Jury, Secret State, The Bletchley Circle, Lucan, Getting On, Decline and Fall, Silent Witness and The Conversation. On film: Our Kind of Traitor, Crocodile, Private Peaceful and Room 8 (BAFTA Best Short).

Anastasia Hille returns to the Young Vic after appearing in The Jewish Wife and The Maids. Work at the National Theatre includes: Dido-Queen of Carthage, Women Of Troy, Macbeth, Waves, A Dream Play, The Oresteia and The Effect (Olivier nominated). Other theatre work includes: The Master Builder (Almeida, Olivier nominated); Forty Winks (Royal Court); The Dark, Morphic Respnance (Donmar Warehouse); The Winter’s Tale (RSC); Ashes to Ashes/ Mountain Language (Royal Court, Lincoln Centre NYC); Macbeth, Measure for Measure (Barbican) and most recently Hamlet (also Barbican, Olivier nominated). Film includes: Good and most recently A United Kingdom. Anastasia’s television credits include: The Missing, Not Safe For Work, Getting On, The Tunnel and The Fear (BAFTA nominated).

Anna Madeley makes her Young Vic debut in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her theatre credits include: Les Blancs (National Theatre); The Turn of the Screw, Becky Shaw (Almeida Theatre); The Crucible (Old Vic); Contractions, Ladybirds (Royal Court); The Philanthropists, The Cosmonauts Last Message (Donmar Warehouse); and Private Lives (Music Box Theatre). Her film credits include: Deep Water, The Ones Below, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Strawberry Fields, Brideshead Revisited and In Bruges. For television her credits include: Anne Lister, Secret State, Crossing Lines, The Crown, Virtuoso, Code of a Killer, Utopia and Mr Selfridge.

Jemima Rooper returns to the Young Vic after appearing in A Respectable Wedding in 2007. Other theatre credits include Hand to God (West End), Blithe Spirit (West End and US tour), One Man, Two Guvnors (National Theatre, Tour, West End & Broadway, nomination for What’s On Stage Best Supporting Actress Award), All My Sons (West End, nomination for What’s On Stage Best Supporting Actress Award), Me & My Girl (Sheffield Crucible, nomination for Best Performer in a Musical), The Power of Yes (National Theatre), Her Naked Skin (National Theatre), The Great Game (Tricycle), Where Do We Live (Royal Court). Her film credits include: Sexlife, One Chance, What If, The Black Dahlia and Kinky Boots. For television: Atlantis, Lost in Austen, As If, Hex, Love in a Cold Climate and The Railway Children.

Matthew Steer makes his Young Vic debut in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His theatre credits include: Hamlet (Barbican), The Victorian In The Wall (Royal Court), The Summer House (Gate), Out Of The Blue (Liverpool Everyman) and Britain’s Best Mates (Edinburgh Fringe). Film credits: Urban Hymn, NT Live: Hamlet, Cinderella, SuperBob, Criminal, Leatherbird and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. For television his credits include: Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime, Siblings, Cider With Rosie, Drifters, Crackanory, Count Arthur Strong, Morgana Robinson’s The Agency, Drunk History, Outlander, Utopia, New Tricks, The Cafe, Misfits, The Royal, and Silent Witness.

Joe Hill-Gibbins follows his Measure for Measure with A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other credits at the Young Vic include: The Changeling (The Maria, Main House), The Glass Menagerie, The Beauty Queen of Leenane and A Respectable Wedding. Joe was Genesis Fellow at the Young Vic between 2010 and 2012. Other theatre credits include: Little Revolution (Almeida), Edward II (National Theatre), The Village Bike (Royal Court) and The Girlfriend Experience (Young Vic and Royal Court / Drum Theatre Plymouth). His opera credits include: Powder Her Face (ENO).

Internationally acclaimed set designer Johannes Schütz returns to the Young Vic theatre after Three Sisters in 2012. His other theatre credits include: The Merchant of Venice (Royal Shakespeare Theatre), Big and Small (Barbican); On the Chimborazo (Münich Kammerspiele); Mama and the Whore (Schauspielhaus Bochum); Katherine of Heilbronn, Summer Folk (Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus); Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, In the Greifswald Street (Deutsches Theater Berlin); Schiff Der Träume, Hysteria and Macbeth (Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus). Johannes also worked on numerous productions for the Salzburg Festival and Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe in Paris. His publications include: Stages 2000-2007 and Johannes Schütz: Models & Interviews 2002-2015. His opera credits include: Orpheus and Eurydice and Ariadne on Naxos, works by Brecht and Schiller in Bochum and Mainz.

The Jerwood Assistant Director working with Joe Hill-Gibbins on A Midsummer Night’s Dream is Yaz Al-Shaater. The role is supported through the Jerwood Assistant Directors Program at the Young Vic.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare runs 16 February – 1 April 2017 in the Young Vic’s Main House. It is directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins with design and light by Johannes Schütz, costumes by Michaela Barth, sound by Paul Arditti, movement by Jenny Ogilvie and dramaturgy by Zoë Svendsen.

Half A Sixpence extends booking until 22 April 2017

Half a Sixpence

Half a Sixpence, Click the image your book your tickets for the show.

Following rave reviews for both the show and its leading man Charlie Stemp, Cameron Mackintosh announced today that booking for the Cameron Mackintosh and Chichester Festival Theatre production of “HALF A SIXPENCE” at the Noël Coward Theatre has been extended to 22 April 2017.

Tickets are priced from £12.50 – £77.50. A limited number of £20 seats are released each day from 10.00am in person at the box

The entire Chichester cast have transferred to the West End, starring newcomers Charlie Stemp as ‘Arthur Kipps’ and Devon-Elise Johnson as ‘Ann Pornick’ – alongside three times Olivier-nominated actor Ian Bartholomew as ‘Chitterlow’ and three times Olivier-nominated actress Emma Williamsas ‘Helen Walsingham’.













The Guardian


This new stage version of “HALF A SIXPENCE”, the musical adaptation of H.G. Wells’s semi- autobiographical novel ‘Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul’, is a completely fresh adaptation which reunites book-writer Julian Fellowes (Oscar-winning screenwriter and creator of Downton Abbey) with George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, the musical team that co-creator Cameron Mackintosh first put together to create the hit stage adaptation of “Mary Poppins” with Disney. The score is inspired by and features several of composer David Heneker’s exhilarating songs from the original production, including ‘Flash Bang Wallop’, ‘Money To Burn’ and ‘Half A Sixpence’.

Arthur Kipps, an orphan and over-worked draper’s assistant at the turn of the last century, unexpectedly inherits a fortune that propels him into high society. His childhood companion, Ann Pornick, watches with dismay as Arthur is made over in a new image by the beautiful and classy Helen Walsingham. Both young women undoubtedly love Arthur – but which of them should he listen to? With the help of his friends, Arthur learns that if you want to have the chance of living the right life, you need to make the right choices

“HALF A SIXPENCE” is directed by Rachel Kavanaugh who recently directed the Olivier nominated Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Open Air Theatre.  The production is designed by Paul Brown, with choreography by Andrew Wright (Chichester/West End production of Guys and Dolls, the UK Tour of Barnum and forthcoming Moby Dick at the Union Theatre) with orchestrations by William David Brohn. The musical supervisors will be Stephen Brooker and Graham Hurman, who will also conduct; with lighting by Paule Constable, sound by Mick Potter and video design by Luke Halls. The original 1963 musical was written by Beverley Cross and David Heneker.



Hull UK City of Culture 2017 announces live performances by Cosey Fanni Tutti & Genesis P-Orridge as part of COUM Transmissions retrospective

Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge are set to give live performances in an extended programme of events to mark the radical art collective COUM Transmissions. 

The events will coincide with the COUM Transmissions retrospective being staged as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 from 3 February – 22 March. 

Cosey Fanni TuttiCabinet, London and Luke Turner and Sophie Coletta of leading independent online music and arts publication The Quietus in collaboration with Hull 2017 City of Culture have curated a programme of live and club events, panel discussions and talks, to celebrate the practice and impact of COUM Transmissions, tracing a line from the group’s conception in 1969 to their termination at the Prostitution retrospective held at the ICA in October 1976, exploring a legacy that endures today.

The events will run alongside a six-week long exhibition at Humber Street Gallery, a brand new contemporary art space for the city showcasing the best contemporary art in the heart of the Hull’s Fruit Market cultural quarter.  COUM Transmissions, curated by Cosey Fanni Tutti and Cabinet, London, will present material drawn from the archives of Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge (held by Tate Britain) alongside new filmed interviews with some original COUM members.

The live programme will feature performances and appearances from original COUM members, as well as subsequent generations of artists they have both directly and inadvertently inspired. It will seek to reclaim Hull as an important site of cultural innovators working on the peripheries of the underground.

Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge will be opening proceedings with separate specially commissioned live solo performances at FRüIT, situated next door to Humber Street Gallery, on Friday 3 February.

Cosey Fanni Tutti, talking on her return to Hull, said: “So much has changed for me and Hull since I left in 1973. I couldn’t get out quickly enough – and some who thought of me and COUM as distasteful, disruptive elements couldn’t wait for me to leave either. My own and COUM’s activities went up quite a few notches after Hull. Now I’ll be back and Hull is all ‘cultured up’, embracing COUM and recognising its influence and place in art history. I’m thrilled to be returning to my hometown to co-curate the first ever COUM exhibition… and in Humber Street Gallery, one of the former fruit warehouses that unwittingly fed me for free when I was penniless and hungry.” 

Genesis P-Orridge explains, “We left Hull in July 1973 and have never been back since. We also burned all our journals from that era too. Leaving us with very few triggers to reviewing any memories. As the COUM collective we didn’t like the term ‘perform’, it implies choosing to pretend to be… we were more happy with “actions”, something you DO, spontaneous, energised, intuitive and a coumpulsion. For us “The none creation of art is as valid as creating it”. The thought alone is often enough.  So walking those streets in Hull again in 2016 was like being a ghost searching for my SELF in a distant past. The strangest and most unexpected feeling we experienced was that everywhere, every building, seemed smaller than we recall. Just like accessing memories of events as a very young child things are often seen as far more large in scale, more overwhelming; for me visiting Hull had the opposite effect. When we checked our Hull memories against the present day, we discovered that everything felt like it had shrunk. Not just a little, but by a huge amount.”

Martin Green, CEO and Director of Hull 2017, said: ”That Hull gave birth to COUM Transmissions is one of the great untold stories and I am thrilled that Hull 2017 gives us the opportunity to tell it to the world. The COUM retrospective, which opens the brand new Humber Street Gallery and these live events, will offer a belated contemporary insight into this ground-breaking art collective, which continues to be hugely influential. As one of the early highlights of Hull 2017 it underlines how this city has been at the forefront of cutting edge ideas that challenge convention.”


DATE:             Friday 3 February  

FEATURING: Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Quietus DJs

VENUE:           FRüIT, 62-63 Humber St, Hull HU1 1TU 

TIME:              Doors 7pm 

PRICE:            £15 Full Price (£12 Concession) 

Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge will be opening proceedings with separate specially commissioned live solo performances followed by sets from The Quietus DJs.

DATE:             Saturday 4 February  

FEATURING:   Panel discussions featuring Cosey Fanni Tutti, Genesis P-Orridge, John Lacey, Spydeee Gasmantell, Foxtrot Echo, Luke Turner, Anne Hilde Neset, Paul Buck, Dan Fox and Ghislaine Leung

Performances from John Doran and Simon Fisher Turner, Squarewaves

VENUE:           FRüIT, 62-63 Humber St, Hull HU1 1TU 

TIME:              First panel 2pm 

PRICE:            Free (ticketed) 

On Saturday 4 February FRüIT will host two panels.

The first will provide a history and context to COUM Transmissions, and will feature a selection of original members in a discussion moderated by Luke Turner of The Quietus.

The second will feature a line-up of writers and cultural commentators who will look more broadly at the influence of COUMs methodology and practice, looking beyond their work and at how contemporary art collectives function today.

Alongside these panels The Quietus editor John Doran, who spent years in Hull in the 90s working in some of the same factories as some COUMmembers, will be performing a piece based on personal and collected industrial memories of the city alongside musician Simon Fisher Turner. Hull’s own contemporary improvisational collective Squarewaves will be closing the day with a live set.

An afterparty on Sat 4 February will see Richard D. Clouston’s Cosey Club take up residence – venue to be announced.

DATE:              Friday 17 March 

FEATURING:  Cosey Fanni Tutti will be reading from her forthcoming autobiography, ART SEX MUSIC due out in April 2017 on Faber & Faber – followed by a Q&A with          Lee Brackstone from Faber & Faber then joined by Andrew Wheatley of Cabinet. London.  Adelle Stripe. Reading from her new novel.

VENUE:           Humber Street Gallery

TIME:               7pm

PRICE:             Free (ticketed)

Cosey Fanni Tutti will be reading from her forthcoming autobiography, ART SEX MUSIC due out in April 2017 on Faber & Faber – followed by a Q&A with Lee Brackstone from Faber & Faber then joined by Andrew Wheatley of Cabinet. London.

DATE:             Saturday 18 March

FEATURING: Carter Tutti Void, Anthony Child (Surgeon), Quietus DJs

VENUE:           FRüIT, 62-63 Humber St, Hull HU1 1TU 

TIME:              Doors 7pm 

PRICE:            £15 Full Price (£12 Concession) 

The closing events in March 2017 explore the legacy of COUMs work in Hull, looking to the cultural landscape post-COUM and beyond. Anthony Child (aka Surgeon) will perform at FRüIT on Saturday 18 March with a specially commissioned live COUM-influenced ambient set. Carter Tutti Void, the cross-generational trio of Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter and Nik Void of Factory Floor, will headline. This will be a reconvening of a group who have provided an exhilarating, visceral antithesis to contemporary cultural and social monotone.

DATE:             Sunday 19 March

FEATURING:   Kiran Sande, Alex Wilson, Sophie Coletta

VENUE:           The Polar Bear, 229 Spring Bank, Hull HU3 

TIME:              Doors 3pm

PRICE:             Free (ticketed)                        

Closing proceedings at The Polar Bear on Spring Bank on Sunday 19 March will be a showcase of Hull-inspired sets from some of the city’s underground exports; cultural innovators who grew up in the area and can just about still recall a youth spent loitering on Queen’s Gardens and mainlining toxic green Spiders cocktails.

Heading up the bill will be Kiran Sande of Blackest Ever Black, an underground record label that has been bringing sonically dark mischief to our ears since 2010, and whose mix CD-Rs ID Mud and Dream Theory in Haltemprice have touched upon Hull in more than name alone. Also appearing will be Alex Wilson, who co-runs Public Information, a label that has released a fascinating survey of electronics from the last seven decades, and who will also be presenting a paper entitled: Thee Fabulous Mutations: Film and Video in Yorkshire after COUM in Hull as part of a separate Hull 2017 event. They’ll be joined by the Quietus’ Sophie Coletta, who, after spending many teenage years staring longingly down the mouth of the Humber, fled and returned to Hull’s clutches multiple times in the 2000s.


For more information please visit the Hull 2017 website:

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