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Remarkable Invisible, Matt Addis, Interview: ‘When the vast majority of actors are based in London it makes complete sense to hold auditions there.’

The final show of  Theatre by the Lake’s summer season is something of a treasure: a new play from Laura Eason, writer/producer of House of Cards and author of  Sex With Strangers, one of the most-performed plays in the USA in recent times. 

I thought it would be good to chat to Matt Addis who is starring in domestic drama Remarkable Invisible about his role, the production and other things.

‘FYI’ Addis has previously appeared in War Horse at National Theatre and Boeing-Boeing at Comedy Theatre among other things.

Here is what we discussed.  (see below, obvs.)

Hi Matt! How is 2017 treating you?

It’s been great thanks. I’ve worked on some awesome projects and am delighted to find myself back in Keswick for the summer.

How would you describe your state of mind while rehearsing ‘Remarkable Invisible’?

We had a somewhat intense process for this production – just over 2 weeks in the rehearsal room, which is rather short for a new play. I try to keep energised with plenty of fresh air and exercise. I’ve also been immersing myself in the world of the play as much as possible, listening to US radio stations, reading novels my character might read, and creating playlists of his favourite music.

Creativity can sometimes flourish in the absence of people demanding it, right?

I think creativity flourishes where it is encouraged, or often where circumstances demand creative solutions.

Is it easy being an actor?

There are many great joys in our line of work, and many challenges – sometimes just finding work you want to do can be tricky.

Keswick is quite special place isn’t it. What are you experiences of the spending time there?

I first worked here in 2011, and fell in love with the town then. I’ve been back as often as I can since, both for work and holidays. If it was practical to live here and do what I do, I’d move here tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on members of Equity have condemning regional theatres for holding auditions and rehearsals in London?

I live outside London and travel there for auditions regularly. When the vast majority of actors are based in London it makes complete sense to hold auditions there. I enjoyed rehearsing one of Keswick’s summer shows in London – I got to spend more time at home with family, and recorded a couple of audiobooks over the weekends. I also very much enjoyed rehearsing my second show in Keswick, and racing up fells after rehearsals.

Are actors difficult people to be friends with?

Definitely not. We’re often very social creatures who are comfortable being open, and good at maintaining friendships.

Have you ever left a negative review for something you’ve bought online?

Yes, I think honest reviews help us all when we’re online.

What kind of man are you?

I’m a strong-minded, healthy, vegetarian feminist liberal.

The Rep season at Theatre by The Lake aside, what’s happening next for you?

November sees me back in the studio for more audiobooks, and then hopefully heading overseas for more theatre.

Is there anything that you’d like to add?

Come and see the show, it’s on until November 4!

Remarkable Invisible is on at Theatre By The Lake in Keswick until November 4